No boot up

 splyez -
Hello, so i have gotten a problem with my pc, the problem is that i can hear everything starting and i can see the lights glowing, problem is that i get nothing on my monitor what so ever, i have tried some of the basics like reseating the RAM, and reseting the Cmos, no cookie... but i dont think its a problem with the mobo or the GPU cause i got a error stating there was a CMos failure the first time i reseted it

but the next time nothing same problem wont boot or anything..
im desperate... i really dont know what to do

i got a Geforce 7950 GX2 and win xp.

thanks in advance

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Your monitor is dead, there is no other explanation for this dude ! change it !
after trying the monitor on a different computer i can say that no the monitor is not broken.
i was wondering if its possible its the HDD?