HP desktop beeping without display

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 sooraj - Aug 29, 2010 at 11:57 PM

My Hp monitor has been going to sleep when it shouldn't be. I can be in mid click and the status window in the middle of the screen pops up and tells me there is no input signal then it goes to sleep. The monitor will not turn back on unless I reboot the computer. Up until the other day the computer would turn back on, now it just beeps at me. It gives a series of beeps. Two single beeps than One long beep, it does this 9 times then nothing. The people at hp had me pull my ram cards out one at a time and start the computer but still it beeps.
System Configuration: Windows Vista Home Premium

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Jan 4, 2010 at 10:48 PM

Just recently my HP pavilian media centre pc has been making two short beeps and one long beep, so I checked the beep code advice page, found that it was to do with my gpu card, took my gpu card out and put it back in. When I tryed to turn the pc on , I now get one short beep and one long beep and no display on the monitor, on the beep code advice page says its to do with a memory problem. But when I removed my processor I get no beeps.
Can someone tell me if the problem is my Processor or motherboard plz , need some expert advice thanks....

by the way great forum , really intresting thanks
hi rw85,

i have a hp m8100n that I bought last year. recently the desktop would shut down or restart itself, and a series of peeps will go on which is similar to your case. I have followed the instruction on hp troubleshooting website and seemed unable to solve for the problem. then I decided to use the dust blower to clean the fan (one of the reasons hp website indicated this problem was resulted by cpu over heating). then I realized the heat sink underneath the fan was cover with a very thick layer of dust. after cleaning the dust out, my computer would work normally without restarting and beeping. I know this might not apply to your case, but it's simple enough be worth a try. best luck

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Sep 8, 2008 at 12:28 PM
Look at this article, (scroll until the down page), you will find a table of beeps and their meanings : https://ccm.net/contents/
Hope this will help you.
Best regards.
Hi, Iread Your advice on the Beep Code page. Helped Me a lot. Thanks. Tim.
hei can u help me for this problem...my pc is no display
Aug 10, 2009 at 11:32 PM
monitor led signal is ok but no display.
Dec 3, 2009 at 02:14 AM
i am service engineer, working here in oman, our customer have the above laptop ,it have some display problem, display coming with small 8 desktops, I suspect the motherboard display card or onboard memory is the problem.......if you have any solution for this problem...pls sent mail. I decided to replace the on board memory.. but not replaced.will try only after ur suggesion

plz check each voltages at vcore(1.2),3.3(broadcom IC),1.8(RAM SLOT)
and even these are ok replace north bock
you will get display

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I think your VGA card's problem.you chang this
dude, I have the same problem. Good thing HP had a extended warranty for this model and others too...dont give up yet I just finished talking to the agent. They're sending me the empty box for repair..


To contact HP in North America call 1-866-671-7362 from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm MST, 7 days a week.
I replaced my vga card, that took care of the problem. Thanks for the feedback.
Thanks for this thread. Had the same issues changed out my video card and problem fixed.
computer has mother board problem
ur slot of ram must be havng some problem
u should get ur motherboard changed
but b4 itu must se that ur ram are properly working even they might have problem sometimes ram only has a problem just call on hp customer care to send engineer
if screen problem continuos then u shd. immidiately replace ur screen
be careful that other screen shoulld be working well
all the best
display problem
3 short beeps and 1 lomg beep
it is problem with processor or motherboard..if the processor is not seated and the fan is not properly fixed the same beep will come..in the case of if the mother board..if the proper power to get the processor start working , the same beep will come. so try to refix processor and fan if not solved , try to check processor fan with another motherboard