Lapto will not power up

thetreeguy - Sep 7, 2008 at 07:57 PM
 IT robert - Jun 28, 2010 at 10:08 AM

My gateway solo 1450 laptop will not power on. I know the battery is dead and the ac a dapter is brand new. When I plug in the adapter the battery light comes on and stays orange. I hear no noises or anything. I did take it apart and when I plugged the adapter in I did see the hard drive light flicker once and that was it. The hard drive and the fan make no noise. Could it be my Cpu, motherboard or something else?

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Sep 8, 2008 at 03:57 AM
hey there,

i had to go through your message several times before being able to understand what you wanted to mean.

but try just one thing with your laptop but if you arent sure how to do it then have an it technician do it for you, just try to remove the hard disk and see if it lights up. but anyway the error could be also from the cpu or the motherboard as you said. be cautious dude laptop repairs are somewhat expensive so try to see how much will it cost before sending it to repairs if it costs a lot then better buy another one

hope it helps you
I pulled out the hard drive like you suggested and when I plug in the adapter the light for the floppy drives blinks faintly once and thats it. The hard drive light didnt flicker when I pulled out the hard drive. What do I do next? Thanks.
Try removing the battery that backs up your bios. These computers are notorious for having the problem you describe as the main battery fails. Removing and replacing the silver watch battery (You probably ought to replace it entirely, as it's probably years old) will clear the bios and should enable your computer to power up.

HI there my laptop has done the same thing
and the three main things it could be is the motherboard, the battery or a disk

First of all GENTLY shake your laptop to see if you can hear a rattiling noise. If you can hear a rattiling noise then it is likely that your motherboard has broken. Because the rattiling might be from a loose screw. And when a screw comes loose it can damage yor motherboard. So that might need replacing.

Or it could be the battery thats broken. You can either get a new one. Or put your exisisting battery in a tubaware then put it in the freezer overnight. And try it the next morning.

Finally it could be a disk. If you have kept a music disk or game disk ect in your laptop before you shut it own that could be the problem. But you would probably have to get a proffesional to take it out.

Hope this comes in handy
I have a similar problem. We have a so so Toshiba laptop. The blue adapter LED glows a steady blue when plugged in; the battery light glows a steady orange. When the power button is turned on, it usually makes some noises and then cut off by itself. However, it sometimes will go into the DOS [F2 key] or boot [F12] windows. It has twice gone to a DOS type window which talks about new or lost equipment and tries to repair the damage. I would greatly appreciate any assistance one can provide. thanks
Hi, i was jus wondering if u fixed ur toshiba laptop ,, mine didnt power up today, and the LED light for the power is on when plugged in, , i dont know what to do ,i dont wanna pay 90 quid for repairng , id rather buy another one..
Hi RLD, I know you've posted your message a year ago but I'm now experiencing the same problem with my Toshiba Laptop. When I connected the power adapter, the blue adapter sign is ON and the battery sign is also ON (usually in blue). When pressing the power on button, I can see the HD blue light blinks and hear some noise but doesn't proceed with powering ON the laptop. I have to press the power button longer to turn it OFF then press quickly again to power ON but i have to do this cycle until it successfully powers ON. I hope to receive any assistance from others who experienced the same problem and who knows what is causing this.
Press the reset on the bottom of the laptop. There is a vent in the middle and a small round reset above that and to the right. That can usually unlock it so it will run.