Computer hangs or screen freezes after someti

Rupul - Jan 2, 2010 at 07:12 AM
 venky - Oct 14, 2010 at 10:38 AM
Hello Mr. Akshay and to everyone reading this,

I was doing a google search for a problem that my friend had in his cpu when I happen to come across this forum. Let me really say "This is a really nice forum and I am really glad to see that problems are being read and solved in this forum unlike other forums." After going through this forum, I have come to learn that the motherboard or the processor of my friend has gone wrong and needs to be replaced. Thanks for that. his computer starts running cd drive opens but no bootup or no bios screen or whatsoever on the monitor. Then i turned off the cpu and removed the memory cards and turned back the cpu on but still no beep sound or anything although he has the internal speakers. so, i guess that it is a mobo. or processor problem.

However, my problem is different. I have Asus P4BGL-MX/533 Motherboard and the cpu is 5 years old; XP Professional SP3, 32 bit processor, Intel P4 processor 2.0 ghz, a 256 MB and other 512 MB DDR1 RAM, with 2 hard disks each of 80 GB attached. Hard disks are 2 yrs old (i purchased new ones after old ones crashed). Of lately, my computer freezes or hangs in the middle of browsing or watching movies after 2 hrs or so. And sometimes, it doesnt freezes at all for a continuous 4-5 hrs. It started happening 2 days back. Moreover, it also doesn't shut down properly. It freezes/hangs while shutting down also at the light blue screen which says "Windows is shutting down". And when I try to move the mouse, the adamant cursor remains stuck. Finally, i have to turn off the computer from the cpu by pressing the power button. It happened twice since yesterday. I tried repairing the XP OS today, through the boot CD which I had. Now, it first got stuck at 56% of repairing work, then i restarted the PC and tried repairing again. 2nd time it got stuck at 62% and then i restarted the pc a third time. Finally the repairing work was done. this i thought would rectify the issue, but to my dismay it didn't. Still the freezing issue.

To add somemore: I have a CPU fan which is working properly. 10 days back i had opened the CPU to clean it and while doing so I had broken or torn the green wire in the cpu fan which i guess is the speed sensor wire of the fan. it has three wires: green, black and yellow. then i checked in the BIOS and saw that it show the speed of the CPU fan to be a red "0", while the fan is still working fine. then i click on ignore (at the fan speed thing in bios) and was able to work fine with my PC. Does this have anything with the freezing of the screen?

Please let me know all the possible solutions as I do really need my pc working all the time as my exams are drawing near. Thank you to Akshay and all those who care to go through this section.

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Also let me add please that there is no BSOD when the screen freezes. And sometimes when i go for lunch or dinner, I press the windows key and L simultaneously for the logon screen to come. After returning I see that the screen has just hanged. this happened thrice till now. Thanks a lot for your patience.
Hussain Mehdi
Apr 19, 2010 at 01:35 AM
I think your computer processor is weak or it is being over heated.
1 is shahin .my computer screen goes off every 15 min when im watching movies.i have to move moser every 15 min to bring the screen back.what should i do to sort this problem.i will be greatefull if you advise me.
hi shaun
if ur a user of windows xp

this not a big prob just right click on the screen and go into properties and then select screensaver in that click on power button and in that just select always on or u can just select none in screensaver selections