ATI Radion xpress 200

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 Joe Cruix - Sep 11, 2008 at 01:48 PM
This card came installed on my machine, a 2002 model eMachine with WXP sp2. Whether its a true
Video/graphics card, I don't know. Every game I tried to play ran just fine. [well zuma online
was a little glithcy sometimes, but put it to ISP connect.] Tried Pirates of the Carribean, by
Disney. Thats when it first fell on its face--the card. Later, Second Life came to my attention.
Its a whole nother animal since you actually build your own 3D stuff if you are talented enough.
This is when I knew [and a friend confirmed] somethng had to be done. I ordered a bigger ATI
Radion from Newegg--an . Problem is, it dosent seem to fit in my case unless I do some modify
of the slots etc. then I am not sure it will plug in since I couldn't get it that close. ANYONE
have any suggestions/?? I am open, ty

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first off your pc prolly has an AGP slot.
and you prolly bought a PCI-E video card.

2 options
1. Return the video card and buy a AGP video card
2. Buy a new computer which has PCI-E slots.