XP keeps BSOD and restarting at loadup

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Hello, iam new to this forum and only writing this because of a problem i encountered today. As i booted up my computer, everything seems fine until it asks me to load up in safe mode, normally, last known etc.... Ive tried normally and last known (not safe mode because not sure what to do there) and everytime the XP logo comes up at the loadup screen, a few bars will load then the BSOD will flash for a millisecond and restart the computer.

I believe the problem may be that i force shutdown'd last night as i was in a rush to get somewhere. Anyway, ive read the other thread here on the problem and they have many solutions but i think they are risky. My system is pretty decent( 2 years old). It is a Windows XP SP3 and have not had many problems with it besides viruses but i recently installed an antivirus anyway. Some other problems which may have contributed to this (not sure) are that there has been a Windows Update shield on the toolbar which has not been able to go away no matter how many times i install the update. Ive even tried manually installing etc. There is also a "Device hasnt installed properly" or similar message next to it. These problems may not be related but id just like to be sure. please help as i really need to use the internet (am expecting videochat from relatives later). Thank you. ALl help will be appreciated :)

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Jan 11, 2010 at 06:55 PM
Yes you may have damaged the Windows program files when you forced the PC to power off. If you have the Windows XP CD then you can repair Windows. Follow the instructions here:

Good Luck
thanks alot for the link!!!. it seems that its almost 1/2way into partitioning/formating or something. looks good thanks