Laptop not booting up proper

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my problem with my laptopis, when i shut it down correctly and then when next I switch it back on, my computer doesn't boot up properly and if it does the computer doesn't work, for example, word document, writing something, the keyboard doesn't work whatsoever. So, I have to unplug the laptop from the electricity and then plug it back in and switch on. Only then does it then boot up completely and so I can then use and work on my laptop.
I have no idea what the problem could be, it started a year ago and I've been simply unplugging it from the electricity to switch it off every time. I really would like to solve this problem, but no idea how. I'm limited in my understanding of computer technical problems.
If you can help, that would wonderful.

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Dear Sallyann,

The trouble should be resulting from some corrupt or missing essential files. Please log on is Safe Mode and get the system restored and hence free of the difficulty. This will bring the system back to the previous state where it was running properly.

Thanks in advance.