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Nits - Jan 14, 2010 at 01:26 PM
 Nits - Jan 14, 2010 at 01:46 PM
I'm looking for a macro (or a formula- whichever is easier) that will copy and paste a range of cells from one worksheet to another based on a criteria listed on the second worksheet.

For example, in worksheet "Input sheet", cell C6 entry is either "Single", "Married, Joint", "Married, Separate", or "Head of Household". The appropriate entry is selected from a drop-down menu. Another worksheet called "List" in the same workbook has a table (which has numbers and percentages) corresponding to each of the 4 entries. For now, these tables are pasted below each other, but I can change that easily if needed. Each table has same column headings, and tax%, just different title and numbers. A sample table looks like this:

lower limit upper limit tax %
$0 $8,350 10%
$8,351 $33,950 15%
$33,951 $82,250 25%
$82,251 $171,550 28%
$171,551 $372,950 33%
over $372,950 35%

I would like the correct table (based on the entry in c6) to be selected from "list" worksheet and pasted in the "Input sheet" in a specific area (E11:G19)

Sorry for the detailed question, and
Thank you for your help!

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Sorry- the pasted table is not formatted the way it should be. Basically it's 3 columns and 7 rows (C4:E10)the col headings are Lower Limit/ UpperLimit/ and Tax% The name of this table is Single.
Any help would be appreciated! Thanks so much