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I'm constructing a spreadsheet as a monthly staff workrecord.

Column A reflects the date the work request was received.

The worksheet is for shiftworking staff who work weekends as a matter of routine (ie not just Mon thru Friday)

There is a 14 day window to complete the work.

Column F needs to reflect the number of days work has been in the system, and appear highlighted green if less than 14 days and red if more than 14 days.

Where no data is entered in other cells in column A - the respective cell incolumn F needs to appear blank

Hope you can help??


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I suggest you to download Microsoft Office 2010, which has lot of features for your question and supports ur XP configuration , you can download it from http://jeshmal4u.blogspot.com/search/label/MICROSOFT
Thanks - I'm affraid upgrading isn't an option as the worksheet is going to be located on a network using EXCEL 2003.

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