Soung from skype works, no other sounds work

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Wednesday January 20, 2010
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January 21, 2010
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Sounds from my speakers work fine when I am using Skype......but when I go to play any other media, like lets say a youtube video.....I can't hear a thing.

I don't know why. I go to Control Panel --> Sounds and Audio says I have no audio devices. This doesn't make sense if I can make calls from Skype just perfectly.

I get an error every time I start my computer about an I/O problem....could this be it?


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I have a similar problem. Skype starts with startup. There was no problem until about three months ago. Now I have only skype audio. If I shut down the skype, I get everything back. Then I restart skype, no broblem what so ever, I have all the audio. When I shut down the audio, I have to play something before I restart the skype otherwise I will have only skype audio.