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Hello, my housemate's Vista Laptop came with MS Office 2003 as well as locked MS office 2007. Whenever she opens any file it automatically opens it in 2007(in what it calls compatibility mode) which is locked. So although she can see her documents she can't edit them in 2007 This is super frustrating as she has to open MS Office 2003 Word or Excel etc and then look for the file to open it. She doesn't want to upgrade at any stage so is there a way to get rid of the 2007 Compatibility mode or change 2003 to the default.

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Hi, the best solution is that you downgrade to office 2003 and erase the 2007 version.
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In compatibility mode you can edit the files,she may be unable to do as she has both on the system installed,you have to either remove the office version 2003 or 2007 as in 2007 you have the option to view older files from office 2003 ,95 as well as save from 2007 to the older versions.But in 2003 you will not be able to view 2007 office files.