Graphics card not working after RAM upgrade

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Hi there, i'm brand new to this forum, and relatively new to upgrading my computers etc.

Basically I have a Packard Bell iMedia X2415 which uses a Denver 10 motherboard. It comes with 3BG of RAM and a pretty lame graphics card. I decided to change the graphics card this week for a GeForce 9800 GT. Had some trouble getting windows to recognise it, not finding the drivers etc, but managed to get it going in the end. I even have dual screens atm because I had a spare screen and the graphics card supported it. There are only 2 slots for RAM, one with a 2GB card in and the other with a 1GB. I went to maplins ( to get another 2GB card, took my current one with me to make sure I ended up with the right one.

Once I replaced the 1GB with the 2GB meaning I now had 4GB windows no longer recognized the graphics card, the resolution was all big, and only displaying on one screen. I can't find anything about nVidia graphics card anywhere in the control panel, I tried adding new hardware etc but no luck. I even put the CD in and tried to reinstall the drivers. I went to the website and reinstalled the drivers but still no luck.

If take the new 2GB card out, everything works fine (even dual screens), if I take BOTH the old ones out and just have the new one on its own, everything works fine. Basically anything upto 3GB with any combination of the cards I have, works fine.

I checked with packard bell and my motherboard supports upto 8GB so no problems there.

Has anyone ever encountered something like this before ? would appreciate any help



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Sep 19, 2008 at 08:59 AM
bump :(
hey ive got the exact same comp as u but I decided to get 8500GT instead of the 8900 and I got the same problem!... have u figured it out yet?? email me if u have please i've been stuck for weeks.

i was reading up alot of the things said stuff about bios upgrades but ive tried that and whenever it needs to boot it would just say boot ready... email me if you've found out what to do or if you've done it.... post back on here aswell to help others! =] my email is ...

thanks in advance
ericr64 > imran
May 25, 2009 at 08:10 PM
I'm having the same problem word for word except on a HP. I'd love to use the new RAM but it changed my screen resolution, won't use it's nice graphics card andjust acts sluggish. Love to know if you get this figured out. Sorry I was no help.
do you have 32 bit os or 64 32 only supports 3gb
It's 32 thanks. I'm going to reformat with a 64 bit OS. Thanks.
did u fix your problem?

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i have EXACTLY the same problem and I cant find a solution.. did u?
It actually did have 64 bit graphics card but it acted goofy with the upgrade. I took the extra ram back out and it acts normal but is a wimp. It's a company computer running inventor drafting software. I'll but it for $25 when they replace it then I'll get a new OS disk designed for 4 gig and over.
So no, I didn't resolve it. 4 gig seems to be some kind of OS threshold.