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I have a column full of cells that all have the same string with a few different numbers. Here is an example from cell K319:

53T044 11/20-12/06/09

What I need to do is extract the last 8 characters (eg. 12/06/09) and turn those into a proper date displaying as "December 06, 2009"

What I tried to do is use the function: =RIGHT(K319,8) which gives me the 8 digits, but I can't get Excel to display that date as December, 06, 2009 because it keeps wanting to think that the middle digits is the month and it always spits out "June 12, 2009". I've tried formatting the cells every which way and can't figure it out.

Would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!!

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Your are in that regions where the date is entered as dd/mm/yy whereas the data you have got is from some other regional format(for example my format) where excel date is entered as mm/dd/yy

so you try to use this formula

and format this as any one of date formats.
Thank you

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I had one excel file in which all data in one raw with differant head so i want to convert in to difference coloum