Flash bios for dell xps m1530

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Wednesday January 20, 2010
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Hello Im wondering if you could help me with mt dell xps m1530. Its a blank screen no dell logo cant go to bios set up. the power button when you turned on it will light up for only 2 seconds and it will gone no POST, the fan is working and the driver slot but when I inserted a dvd it cant eject anymore the dvd continue to spin. I've tried a lot of things like holding the power button for 30-1min. remove the ram and put it back nothing happens so im worried that my board is dead. And when I visit your forum about the flash bios, Im wondering if you can help me out to flash my xps bios. I spent $1600 on my dell xps m1530. I called DELL already but no one helped me it said that my laptop is 14 months old and out of warranty and I dont want to pay $45 for diagnostic coz I know it will only end up to dead motherboard. My Dell xps SPECS ( intel core 2 duo 2.4ghz, 3 ram gb, 360gb hdd, nvidia m 8600GT.

I would really appreciate for any help,
Thank you very much

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You will need to return the laptop to Dell for servicing. I doubt the BIOS needs to be flashed. You need a fully functional laptop to flash the BIOS.

Sorry for the bad news.
Thank you

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laptops have international waranty of 2 years
actual problem is your bios so u need to b flush ur bios in advanced mode. first u have download the raw bios n put it pan-drive then plug in to ur usb port n then turn on ur xps m1530 laptop... within few minutes it'll restart automatically ur laptop computer. it's very simple bro...