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How to remove password in bios menu


Hello, I forgotten my bios password how to remove my bios password to enter bios menu.

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Updates bios for connex stealth mode


How do I update Bios for the Connex Stealth book L1465? (Windows 10) Your help is appreciated. Thank you 

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How to access bios or remove hdd password?


Hello, I set an HDD password for my "Toshiba Satellite L850-A848" laptop. Now I can't get to the BIOS settings. So, how can I open the BIOS? if ...

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Factory reset not working


It does not give me that option the only ones are: Safe mode with networking Safe mode with command prompt Enable boot logging Enable VGA mode ...

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Bios update


How to update Gigabyte h61m-s2pv BIOS to the latest Version and UPDATE memory frequency? (this old Version) (UPDATE this Version)

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Bios password remove


Hello, I have a Lenovo laptop. I am forgot my BIOS password.

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Sata hdd not detected in bios. but sometimes it does.


Hello, recently my pc has started malfunctioning. windows will not boot! when I enter setup (bios) I cant see my hdd. sometimes its there and someti...

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How to get into bios for sony vaio


Hello, I want to format my sony vaio laptop.....but I dont know how to get into bios.......plz help me out Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox ...

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Diskette drive 0 seek failure windows vista


My Windows Vista computer on startup says diskette drive 0 seek failure. I have disabled the floppy seek on the main page and have enabled the hard dr...

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Laptop won't boot after bios upgrade


I have an HP Pavilion dv9000 series computer. While performing the HP Health Check, it was recommended that I upgrade the existing bios. After downl...

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My computer beeps 3 times and monitor has no signal!!


Hello, hey I have a dell dimension 4400 and I just got his new video card called ati radeon 9700 and I opened up my pc and swiched that video card w...

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Pc wont boot and wont turn on non stop beeb signal


Hello, i try to turn on my pc but this problem show up to me no signal no boot and wont turn on the leds are on and the beeb signal doesnt stop lik...

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New pc wont boot to usb drive


Just got finished building a new PC. Went to go install Windows in asus bios and it won't let me. I have tried changing boot priorities and that hasn'...

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One of my sata hdd did not showed up in bios and hang on booting


Hi, I need some help here, Everything was normal until one day like ordinary day when i turn on my PC and it hang. It does pass the bios and it st...

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Computer beeping noise. nothing turns on but a beeping noise.


Hello, I accidentally bumped into my computer. Now my computer won't power on. No fans turns on. It makes a constant beeping noise. I tried the r...

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What is bios


How it work?

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How to configure bios


my computer bios configuration not correct,what shall i do? -- Nothing  is greater than thinking  the future

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Cant boot my acer aspire one


Hello, I have an Aspire one Acer with Intel UNDI, PXE-2.1(build 082) Copyright 1997-2000 Intel corporation. but every time i switch it on this is ...

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Broken uefi firmware


This is a huge problem I got, 3 years after I bought this P7-1423w from Hewlett Packard, the UEFI firmware had stopped working, I want to try enablin...

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Bios application error


I am Mbaju Jackson and I have an HP ProBook 6455b for my personnel projects. All of a sudden, when I am using it, it shuts down. When I try to boot it...

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Help with lenovo thinkpad 11e bios password


How to bypass the BIOS password on a Lenovo ThinkPad 11e -- Lance Osteen 

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Phantom of monitor and bootup


I have a Microsoft Windows model name a6437c Hp Pavilion which had Vista then 7 Home Premium,during a image backup system recovery had a power failure...

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Thosbia satellite c660d-144 black screen


Hi, Can someone help me please with my problem. My Toshiba Satellite C660D-144 has black screen and keyboard lights stays on. I've tried to flash th...

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How to update bios in acer aspire e-1 510


Can any one help me how to update install xp in acer aspire e-1 510

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Dell inspiron 15 r continuous beeps


His since upgrading to windows 8.1i get Continuous beeps On Startup. If I hold The start button for 30seconds it wil restart. And works Ok till Th...

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May i know what bios is?


may i know what bios is?

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Acpi bios error


Hello, After updating windows 8 to 8.1 Samsung laptop showing "samsung logo, windows logo,then, your Pc ran into problem and needs to restart.we are...

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Remove toshiba laptop satelite c655 bios password


I have a toshiba laptop satelite c655. My daughter changed the password and now I cannot login. When I power up the laptop it goes right to the passwo...

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Toshiba satellite


drea sir my toshiba satellite c50 forget bios password. How can i reset plz.... mail me.....

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Compter beeps


Hello, when I turn PC on I get 1 short beep and 1 long beep This is a Hp Pavilion P6110t

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Dell inspiron n4110 bios password unknow


I buy this computer in the auction and need reset the bios password, can you help me, please thanks

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Something about bios


Hi friends, Let me know something basic of BIOS..What it does

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Anonymous User

Laptop only goes to the bios screen


Please help. I have a laptop Asus, and everything was fine until my sister hit the laptop with her hand in the middle of the keyboard. Now my laptop o...

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Replacing dead hdd


How do I configure new installed hard drive, with Windows 7 recovery disc

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Uefi vs legacy


Dear All, In my Laptop BIOS, I saw Boot Option has two Choose, "UEFI and LEGACY" I wonder, what are they? When i tried to get into BIOS and Change ...

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Cmos vs bios


Hello Everybody, I still not so clear between BIOS and CMOS. If I understand for my opinion, BIOS is a chip store firmware to make all hardwares com...

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Computer hangs on bios unless restarted


Hello, I have a problem with my computer (Compaq Evo D510 CMT, 2.4 GHz, 512MB, 40GB, Windows XP Pro 5.1, sp2) which is every time I press the power b...

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Motherboard emergency


I set everything in my motherboard bios to disabled and now it wont boot. The pc turns on, but shows a blank screen. What should i do?

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Cpu lead power not getting on


hi everyone i have spent lots of money repairing my pc. I went to so many service centre but could get my pc work like how i bought it for the first t...

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reco soto

Hp pavillion notebook cannot enter bios.


Greetings! I have a HP Pavillion ZT 3010 US notbook. I am unable to enter BIOS. The notebook freezes on the HP logo. When I press F10 (which is wha...

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Cpu beeps


Hi, My Desktop suddenly beeps with one short and one long beep, no display appear in the monitor. Can anyone help me recognize the message of the b...

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I need bios password


I need bios pass word for dell latitude d400

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Hello, how can i make windows 8 bootable Configuration: Windows 8 / Chrome 20.0.1132.21

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Zohaib R

Beeps won't boot


Hello, Compact desktop won't boot,long beeps every 5 seconds Thanks Configuration: iPad / Safari 6.0

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Bios password


Hello, This Computer system, #7rkm5b1-595b, is protected by a password authentication system. You cannot access the data on this computer with...

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Zohaib R

Dell inspiron 1525 xp downgrade


Hello, I have just followed the steps for downgrading my machine to XP, but I am concerned that changing the BIOS settings may effect my computer ...

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MIke VandenBerg

Boot problem


Hello, i have a problem in my laptop,,,it accidentally fall down, when i open it goes to black screen and wrote start normally, but when i click...

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Can't reboot pc


Hello, We get the message : Reboot and Select proper Boot device or insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key. press a key and ...

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Bios password reset


Hello, I'm dave, there are no password on the dell inspiron 1545 laptop motherboard how do i go about it Windows 7 / Safari 534.15

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What is bios password


Hello, i would like to now what my bios password is on my toshiba m100 satellite, or the correct procedure to obtain or to reset the bios password p...

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