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Meltom - Feb 2, 2010 at 07:36 AM
 Meltom - Feb 2, 2010 at 08:14 AM

My question relates to trying to place a value of one cell separately elsewhere in the speadsheet but broken down into two cells (if needed). More specifically, I am running a speadsheet to log hours worked each week and have added a part at the bottom that will show what the pay would be for those hours. But I would like to be able to have that pre-fill daily as new time is entered. So where the issue of overtime comes into play, how can I set a formula to show anything 40 or below from the weekly total will go in one cell and any amount that was over the 40 will go in another cell?

Thanks for any help you can offer, I was up playing with it all night last night, which was good for me but now is time to ask for help.

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Feb 2, 2010 at 07:52 AM
Lets say your total is in cell A1 and you want regular 40 hours to show up in B1 and OT in C1

then in B1, you need to type =IF(a1 <=40, a1, 40)
and in C1, you need to type =IF(A1<40, 0, A1- 40)

B1 formula is saying that if hours are more than 40, then 40 is the regular worked our and rest would be OT
C1 formula is saying that if hours are less than 40, then there is no OT else any thing over 40 is OT
Thank you so very much.