Insert picture in Excel macro which takes the file name refrence

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Hello Friends,

Kindly help me!

I am trying to insert a picture in excel macro which takes the file name reference from the D5 cell and insert the picture in I7 cell.

Example: if D5 cell is AAA2 then the picture which will be inserted in I7 would be F:\AAA2.jpg

1. I7 cell is merged cell it cover I7 to I12 & J7 to J12
2. I change the value in D5 cell only

Please help me if, I changed the value in D5 than the Picture inserted in I7 may automatically change according to the value of D5.

Kindly help me what is the function I want to insert in macro and how to call the macro in excel.

Sorry, for the poor English

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Nov 6, 2014 at 10:20 AM
I have my huge files and below is a sample.

I need to add photos for everycode in coloumn "A" to the same row coloumn "E"
and I want to run a macro to add photos just after I filled up the codes coloumn and other necessary information.

Lets say image files are found in "D:\images\" folder with the same names mentioned in coloumn "A"

Besides when I add the photos I want the images to be 4,6 cm height plus pictures should be placed in the center of the cell and I need the cell height to be arranged automatically also which will fit to pictures height.

Anybody can help? for this VBAless guy? :)