Graphics Card Not Working After RAM Upgrade .

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I recently upgraded my graphics card to a GeForce 9800 GT, which worked fine on my packard bell iMedia x2415 which has a Denver 10 motherboard and is running vista. It comes with 2 sticks of RAM at 2GB and 1GB, so i took the 1GB out and replaced it with another 2GB one.

Now when I turn the computer on the graphics card is not recognised, and I can't find nothing about GeForce anywhere on the computer. I know RAM and graphics work together somehow and I also know there is some kind of problem with 4GB and vista at 32 chip (which I have).

Which ever combination of RAM I put in the computer UP TO 3GB works fine with the graphics card

i.e the new 2GB with the old 1GB, the old 2GB and old 1GB, just the new 2GB, or just the old 2GB on it's own.

as soon as its 2x2GB it fails.


anyone got any insight as to what the problem could be ?



p.s My motherboard DOES support upto 8GB of RAM.

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Sep 23, 2008 at 10:44 AM
hey there,

i think the problem may be coming from your graphics card itself because in theory no they are not connected each other by any means. well this one is bit tuff and confusing your question never heard of such problem before.