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I forgot my network key and cant set up a laptop to my wireless network. I have a Linksys WRT54G v.3. I have security set so I guess that is why I can't get the number. How do I retrieve my network key.

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If you currently have a PC that is connected via wireless you can download/run this program which will display the key ("password phrase").

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sweet works perfects a littel schetchy at first becuz of the coment from woody about it being in feckted but ... its not
This thing works AWESOME. McAfee went screwy, but it doesn't do anthing bad. Just read the disclaimer in the readme text file before opening it.
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Thank you for your feedback! I agree with you, XPCMAN works wonders!
Absolutely amazing.. cheers for this.
Amazing! Can't believe it worked! Thanks heaps man!
hard wire to the router and verify you have internet
start - run - cmd
in the dos box type ipconfig /all
look for the default gateway
open internet explorer and type in the default gateway number from above (it goes right were you would type
it should prompt you for a password. Most linksys are no username and admin as the password by default, or whateer you changed it to when it was setup. If this doesn't work you will need to reset the router (read as loose all settings and start over on your router)
if you do get logged in go to the wireless tab then security and write down your key or change it to something you will then know.

A remote possiblilty is to auto configure the linksys. This can be done if you have a linksys wireless card and a newer linksys modem - you'll have to look on linksys site for directions on that, I have never actually done it.

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David L you da man. Thank for this post
thanks been so detailed, worked easily
bravooooooooooooo.............. dude......... awesome ............... a born genius...........
Yes. It works. Thanks!
absolutely brilliant, worked like a charm...thank you so much I was racking my brain, on how I was going to fix this one...
No. You may lose access to network shares.. access to files on remote computers, but the files themselves will remain intact, and this would pertain only to the small percentage of people that use file sharing across thier network.
I'm confused, I plugged my hard wire into my computer , and nothing pops up..
> Taylor
Nothing should "pop up" Afer you have connected the network cable from your PC's network jack to your router. Simply go to your internet browser and see if you have internet. Once internet connectivity is confirmed proceed with the instructions posted earlier. If you do not have internet connectivity you have a larger problem than the key for your wireless being lost for which I would consult your ISP.
> David L
Thank you David L for your advise on retreiving a network key. Your post came up when I queried it and it worked perfectly!! Even though I'm not the one who asked the original question you helped me out too!