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ive had ares for couple of years now with no problems at all on other pcs or laptops with xp or 2000,iv just got a new laptop with vista on it which I hate buy the way,ive installed ares the lastest version I believe,ive downloaded a few songs no probs at first now its decided not to work any more sayn conection failed it still searches and finds songs ect but says connecting, cant download any more,also I noticed I cant brose the web wen ares is runing it takes to long to open a web page then just says canot conect,the laptop is brand new with good specs ive shut the firewall down still no good , I also have 10 meg broadband so that cudnt be the problem,any 1 else having these probs??any advice much apreciated.

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Dude ares is free. Don't download it unless it's free because it might be a virus. If you go to the ares web page at you should find ares there for free. Remember ares is a free program. Do not get tricked into thinking that just because you have to pay for something its legit.
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You were right. I got a laptop with Vista (UHHH, what a pain, XP much better). Anyways, sourceforge really worked on my laptop. Your advice was great. thanks so much dude! R from Texas!
thanx jayB...this really help me..peace!
JayBs link worked. Thank you!!
jayb awesome! mn
Thanks JayB I had the right version on my lappy buit whenever I tried to get it on someone elses I could never find the right one, So thanks a lot for your help darlin'
Ares is free but others hijack it and then sell it. You can find it free on
you have to PAY for the new versions of ares, whats with that? thought it was a FREE program
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thanks bubba :)
> ib1ub12
thanks bubba!
check it out I have had this same problem and have been scouring everywhere looking for the solution. I was told that you could not connect with the regular ares on vista---bull muffins!!!!! after searching high and low for a free ares vista full version, I became frustrated and decided to go back to the site of the ares I have on my xp pc. I went to and downloaded ares and guess what not only did it connect on my vista home premium laptop but yes, it downloads too!!!! yay!!!!!! please spread the news to any and everyone who has been traumatized by ares withdrawl. luv u guys!!!!! please feel free to drop me a line if this helped you--sssssssss...
this sht really works. ifollowed the same link and got it working on my vista home premium.i had to uninstall first though.
thanx big sexy
thanx.....worked for me too.... :)
u've helped a lot :)
OMG danx
Thanks JayB 101 you fixed the problem
when I want to download a song it keeps asking me for a activation code how can I get it
my program is connecting all tha time