Satellite M40 Supervisor password

wildwilly - Sep 29, 2008 at 08:07 PM
 travis J - Jul 24, 2010 at 03:29 AM
I need to remove the BIOS Supervisor password from my laptop before I return it to the leasing ccompany. When I ran the Toshiba recovery (aka Norton Ghost) CD, it would not complete the recovery due to a bad sector on the hard drive. After trying 3 times using 2 separate recovery disks with no success, I loaded Windows XP from another CD. The computer boots and runs fine without a password, and when I get into the BIOS to change settings it says there is no password set, but it always asks for the password to enter BIOS. Toshiba says to use the Toshiba Assist program, but it is not loaded because I couldn't restore from their CD.

I have the supervisor password but I don't particularly want to give it to the leasing company or anyone else.

Any ideas?

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Sep 30, 2008 at 06:49 AM
hey there,

recovery means that you are trying to recover windows and other settings and drivers but that does not mean that the password on the bios will be erased. you must remove the password from the bios because bios and windows are not related in any way.

you must unset the password in the bios and not on windows
sorry,1 question,you unlock your bios password satellite l 305 in site
how does the procees to insert the backdoor code
it seems that on my computer, there is a password at the very beginning of startup,\
there are no options there are no available help, all u can do is press F2 and that brings you to the setup utility, but i still need the password, the password i had for it has somehow been replaced by a anonomis password that i have no idea what it could be,
is there a quick fix of a few buttons i could press to where it will delete the "enter password" icon and let me bypass it it.
please email me, your response
It is NOT possible to unlock a Bios password just by quiting the cmos battery you will need professional service.

I unlocked My Toshiba Satellite L305 in They gave me very good service and it worked like a charm!!!!

Thank you and hope this helps.