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Typing Master is a very well-designed software intended to teach you how to type on your keyboard in no time. It is packed with various tests, courses, and games to encourage you to become a proficient typer in just a few hours of practice.

What is Typing Master?

Typing Master is a typing teacher program that will help you type fast and accurately on your keyboards. It features step-by-step exercises to teach you which finger to use for each letter, monitor your typing speed, and help you focus on every part of the keyboard to make sure you type any word smoothly.

What are the key features of Typing Master?

  • Learn all the keys: Plenty of different exercises are available to teach you how to use all the different parts of the keyboard, including the home row, the keys E and I, the keys R and U, the keys T and O, capital letters, and lots of other combinations. In addition, each lesson is divided into smaller exercises, including word drills, sentence drills, paragraph drills, and more. Depending on your skills, each step will take about 15 to 25 minutes to complete, and finishing all the lessons will last up to 10 or 20 hours.
  • Position your fingers: Throughout your learning course, you will be taught all the keys' locations to create a mind map to memorize them naturally. Soon enough, you will no longer need to look at your fingers to type any letter flawlessly. 
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  • Track your speed: Thanks to the Typing Meter, you can even track your typing speed outside the program to monitor your speed throughout the day.
  • Track your progress: When you learn something, nothing is more valuable than the ability to track your progress over the days. You will be able to review your average typing speed (in minutes), your gross speed (in words per minute), your accuracy (in %), and your net speed (in words per minute). It even monitors and analyzes the most problematic keys so that you can specifically tackle them later. Last but not least, you can consult a section to review everything you learned, test your progress, and go to the next level.
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  • Versatile: The program supports seven different languages and keyboard layouts, whilst taking into account configuration or cultural-specific symbols.
  • Play games: The gamification idea is just really, really cool as you can master your skills playing games like Bubbles, Tetris-like, and more. It will truly change the way you learn and hone your skills.

How to use Typing Master?

  1. Once launched, start any course you want.
  2. Choose the keyboard layout, the duration, the difficulty level, and other settings.
  3. You will get some tips to ease the learning process before the lesson starts.
  4. Once the exercise is completed, you can consult your performance statistics.

Is it free?

It is a fully-featured free demo version you can use for one week. After that, you can consider paying for one of the licenses to get unlimited access to this program.

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