Sending contacts as text msg on Samsung Corby

 Sal -
I'm trying to send contacts as a business card from my Samsung Corby Pro but they don't go as a simple sms. They go as MMS. This is extremely disappointing and I'd really like some help.

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Yes. Its true. you cannot send business card in Corby Pro. Instead you can insert contact details in message. select message->More->Insert->Namecard and then it will show the contact list. you can choose and it will be inserted with name and number.

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Thanks so much for the info. helps to know i can at least send the contact details as text in a message if not a business card.

thanks again

Dear Sal,

Please select Options> Send Via and then Message to have the specific contact sent as a message.

Thank you.
Thanks dist.urbed
But I do try that and it still sends the name card via an mms. Do you think that's because my net setting are on? The Samsung guys tell me the Corby doesn't send business cards via regular text sms. Do tell.


Hey frnd.. I understood your problem...but in samsung they do not allow business cards to be sent.. it is not nokia... u have to go to sms.... then type the number and send....I know its irritating but that is how it happens...