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 Haroon -
I have dell inspiron 1300 wont boot unless I remove the battery and unplug it from the charger then press power button for 1 min and release , then plug the charger only and push the start button normally . the laptop works and boot normally, this long process must be done after any windows shutdown or loosing power for any reason , i like to know waht this long process mean , what is the pushing button for 60 sec do for the laptop ? clears what ?
what is the solution for this problem , please your help is appreciated ,


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HI there,

Removing the battery and pressing the power button for approximately 1 minute removes all current present in it.

Thank you very much for trying to help

You reminded me with microsoft technical answers,
One driver missed his way in the downtown , then he asked a man in the street, was from microsoft tech group,
- I LOST !! , Where I am please ?
- OH, don't worry, you are inside the car, the man said.