Internet works... but not for MSN Apps?

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I recently wiped my whole computer and reinstalled Windows XP sp2. After some toil, I got everything working right. Well, I actually had to buy a new Internet card to get my other missing drivers, as my drivers CD was not working (My old method of internet was via the motherboard).

So now I have everything working. Except for MSN applications like Windows Live Messenger, and Help and Support, which complain that I'm not connected to the internet... When I am! My internet works in all respects except for with MSN apps.

My network connections looks like this, if it helps:

Internet Connection (Disabled) //When I try to enable this, it says it enables, but actually doesn't.

Local Area Connection | 1394 Connection
(Connected, firewalled) | (Connected, Firewalled)
[D-link DFE-530TX+ PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter (rev. F)] | [1394 Net Adapter]

Anyone know why my MSN apps refuse to work through my internet card?

Thanks for any tips.

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Hmmmm, nevermind.

I just got the updates for SP3 and I'm working just fine.

Thank you

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my msn isnt working either
i have all the same problems in which you had
so i am downloading the sp3,
hopefully it will work
Well my internet wasnt workin and i change my routerr n iih workd
please help, have a simular problem, just moved to london where i have to use a cable and all of a sudden my msn and mail (mac) doesnt work, help please