ETL tools transfer delimited files in MySQL?

 Mike -
Hi everybody.

I have several delimited files and want to transfer their content to a MySQL database. Before asking on this forum, I've been browsing the net and heard about open source ETL tools easy to use for non technical users.

Can these products really be used by people who dont have much technical background like me and which one do you think is the most user-friendly ?

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

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ETL programs can perform the transfer of delimited files into MySQL. Some of the ETL tools on the market are easy to use and can be operated by non-technical people. Although ETL tools remain very professional and powerful.

There are plenty of tools out there. The one I would propose is the one I am actually using, called Talend Open Studio. It is a very pro tool, designed for a tech savvy crowd, that is also easy to use for non-technical users. You can perform mostly data integration, synchronization and ETL with this tool + other types of operations. Go look at .
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They are open source but they are not free

If it is just once off you may also try shareware ETL tools.

Very easy to use and the do work directly with MySQL and many more databases

Advanced ETL Processor
is designed to automate extracting data from ANY database , transform , validate it and load into ANY database . Typical usage of it would be extract data from Excel File, Validate Date Formats, Sort data, deduplicate it and load it into the database, run stored procedure or Sql script, once loading is completed. Unlike Oracle SQL loader, BCP, DTS or SSIS

Visual Importer Professional
is an ETL automation tool. User can design Import, Export and SQL scripts, add them to the Package and schedule it for execution on regular basis. Visual Importer Professional stores all information in the repository. Unlike DTS, SSIS and Oracle Warehouse builder Visual Importer Professional can receive emails and process attachments as well. All FTP operations also supported. By combining simple Package Items together Visual Importer Professional helps small businesses and Fortune 100 companies to automate complicated business processes and everyday tasks.

All our ETL tools have no limitations, that means you can load your data today and solve all the data quality problems right now.