Create an ISO Disk Image: in Windows 10, file

Create an ISO Disk Image: in Windows 10, file

If you want to make copy of a DVD but you don't have a blank DVD in hand, you can create a DVD disc image and save it to your hard drive. The disc image can be then burned to DVD readable by a living room DVD player. in order to this, we can make use of Daemon Tools Lite program. Read on for details.

How to download and install Daemon Tools?

  • Download Daemon Tools Lite
  • Double-click the downloaded file (DTLite4454-0316.exe) and follow the installation wizard instructions
  • Installation Tip: choose "Free license" and don't accept third party softwares like "TuneUp utilities", "MountSpace" or other toolbars.

How to create ISO Disc Image?

  • Insert the DVD in the DVD tray.
  • Run Daemon Tools Lite
  • In the main window, click on the Create Disk Image
  • In the window that opens, click the button with three dots under Target Image File
  • In the dialog that opens select your device (optical drive where the target DVD is)
  • Save as .iso. -"Standard ISO Images (*. Iso)", assign a name to the disk image that you are creating, then click on "Save"
  • Click the Start button and wait for the creation of the disk image.
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