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I am trying to write a batch file that will let me backup folders on my Windows box to an external hard drive and have no idea how to write batch files. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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to backup ur files from one drive to another use XCOPY comand

for example,if u want to have a backup of all the files (residing in ABC folder and in D drive ) , into E drive

1.At first create a ABC folder in E drive
2. and then write the following syntax in notepad and save it with .bat extention to create a batch file
3. Rite click on it and run will execute

XCOPY D:\abc\*.* E:\abc\ /C /S /D /Y /I

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thank you Sidrah that helped me.. thank GOD! ^^
ahh, great, thanks a lot
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download SyncToy from microsoft (it's free) it will do what you want
hello mate take it u know alot about computers

i got this problem with my laptop my hard drive has given up completely and I was sent another one from hp
but they never sent me a disk like vista or xp but I need vista because thats wat my other hard drive had on it.

my nan has exactly the same laptop as me and I need it back up and running so if u can give me some free advice how to strike it that would be great thanks email me thanks
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is it possible to use dates in batch files... to be more precise...

i have a scheduled job runing a batch file copying certain files from my pc to an external drive to run an hour before midnight... the batch file copies all the files every time it runs...

is it possible to set a date like "currentdate" or "getdate" so the batch copies only files created or modified during that day and leave old files be...

XCOPY /D switch will help..