I can't find URLs on Youtube anymore!

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As a way to make little tributes on my movie maker, purely for my self and my mates to wtach, I copy the URL of a youtube viddeothat contains a clip I need and run it through Media Converteer. I'm working on a tribute to '9' by tim burton and I found a perfect clip, but since they've re-vamped youtube, I can't find the URL! any help here?

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Yeah its like they blocked us off. No downloading now. Is there a way around that. If not I won't visit utube again.
Thank you

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I hate it so much I cant download videos anymore!
its on your browser
thats my problem too :( it's so annoying :(
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Don't go further more.
That is the bad problem.
why is it my youtube downloader saying no flash video found?
you press share and a url pops up

Um I got the answer now, so please stop messeging! ur spamming my inbox!
how did you do it
It's quite simple. In your browser where it shows the website information, highlight the whole thing when you've come across a video you want. Then right click on your mouse and hit copy. After that go to your selected video copying program or site, right click mouse again hit paste then copy or ok and voila you have your video or song. Hope this was helpful.
Press the "share" icon and the url automatically pops up
There is no share icon anymore.