Lost all my documnets and pictures

 Lou -
Woke up one day to find all my documents and pictures missing, still have the icons though.
Running XP pro. Other user ids fine. Outlook was gone also, but restore worked on that, nothing else. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

PS I tried 2 recovery programs (few mixed pictures there), antivirus, walware, etc.

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you can download software to retrieve missing or deleted files from your hard disks or any other form of hardware storage, programs like uneraser or Data Rescue 3.
Where you do have to pay for these programs you can download trial version so you can at least check if the files are still there.
Also, Yould want to run a virus scan and maybe a malware scanner such as spydoctor to check your pc for dodgey software as its either something like that or your kid sister or brother maybe just deleted them by accident.
Hope this helped you some what, good luck
PS I tried 2 recovery progrograms, Anti virus, malware scanning. Some pictures are there but all mixed up.
Thank you.