Excel '03 Data Filter puzzle

 RoboPumaMan -
I'm using Excel '03 and I have two columns with data, A & B. Column A holds
the name of a letter and Column B stores the body of the letter. When I
apply a Data Filter to these two columns, it isn't working. For instance, I
have about 30 letters that have the word "seven" in them, but when I do a
"Custom - Contains - seven" in Excel '03, it only shows 2 items.

I had someone who has Excel '07 try it, and it shows all 30 items. There
are approximately 607 letters/rows on this sheet.

Does anyone have any idea what the issue is?


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Do you have blank cells in between the cells ? Select all cells of sheet. Then remove filters and then reapply filter
Hey Rizvisa,

no blank cells or anything rookie-ish like that. It turns out, the cells have to be in text format. BUT, the cells contain over 1,024 characters, which excel then displays as ######## etc. I used this formula to convert it to text and it worked: =""&A1, =""&B1 etc.