How to delete write protected files from pen

Abhi - Oct 22, 2008 at 12:20 AM
 mandy - Oct 14, 2015 at 05:53 AM

I have Kingston pen drive . I am unable to delete files in it . When I am trying to delete file the message is displayed " write protection" . please help me on it .. In the pen drive I have only PDF printed file , I want to delete it .

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Dear starsailors

it is important to be a good reader don't just read for fun, read to understand and learn to answer what you are asked for,
according to my understanding the writer was trying to say his/her pendrive doesn't want to delete files that means he/she is able to open the pendrive, but the main fact is that the pendrive doesn't want to delete those files, remember when a pendrive is right protected you cant be able to get inside of it unless if you are from another planet,so that means the pen drive has virus on it and need to be scanned by an updated anti-virus so,remember when you scan your pendrive it might happen that you can loose the whole data that is in pendrive, next time be careful on downloading from internet.
What are you saying that the problem is a simple virus???? It's clear enough that you don´t know how a encryption program works.

Many USB flash memories, like a few HP models or most of Memorex usb memories, have a built-in program called "Vault" which provides strong encryption (blowfish 256 bits which is able to resist even brute-force attacks), a password set with that programs ensures that you won't be able to write in the flash memory unless you have the key.

The whole usb memory is locked and its attributes changed to "read only", so no write possibilities.

This program has an automatic start up application, which tries to reproduce the content of the USB memory, in this case this "utilities" are useless (as the antivirus).

Try to explain again that this is a virus problem....
ur pen drive is very nice.............i have one idea...........u just come on hyd becoz ur pen drive detected in usan sagar oke beta take care byeeeee.....i want to ur reply oke
I experienced the same problem trying to delete files from a 4GB Kingstone Data Traveller
USB pen (under XP Windows - Windows 2000 systems)
Performing a ScanDisk to fix pen errors from explorer: logical unit (e.g. I:) ->Properties->Instruments
on the pen fixed the problem.
Hoping it can hel you...


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plz help me if u hav a solution for write protected from pen drive
I am also having same write protected problem in 8GB pen drive pls send me good idea
sir please tellme
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I am using unlocker to delete files which troubles me when I try to delte them it is very effective and very handy software thet does not need much skills and is able to delete any files from anywhere whethr it is from windows or from any drive you can find mor info and the download link form the link given below
my pendrive can not formatted or the data can not deleted.
when I try to perform formatting option ,the write protected access message is desplayed.
so pls hlp me

Kindly send me solution



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it work on my memorex travel drive 1g, thanks.
OK try dis it will surely work for any kind of pen drive:
i ball etc
First of all download avast anti virus pro from official site of Alwil software
this is trial version of 60 days but it doesn't matters
then after installing this antivirus
schedule boot scan for ur pendrive
by selecting ur drive letter

antivirus will detect all known trojons malware virus etc.
simply put them into the virus chest
after this ur computer will start to boot
attention: do not open ur pendrive

after this open command prompt
start>>> run>>>>> cmd>>>enter
type cd\
then type format ur drive letter enter
format f:
then press enter

i am surely think I will solve ur all problem regarding pendrive issue

Ganjar indonesia
May 19, 2009 at 10:13 PM
Thank you for this web and all... the case is solve... for while I just thinking to go out and looking for a new pendrive... but lately... google, this web and you all make me smile twice...
Go For The manufactrurer Site There Will be Online Fixing Software. just like
Thanx lot, my pen is okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
The took me a week to find out and almost drove me mad, as I could delete the files
in xp but not in vista.

This only happens in Vista all files are read only, in order to delete any files
go to my computer right click on the drive letter and select open as portable devise,
then you will be able to delete your files.

Good luck Relsec