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Jeffrey - Oct 22, 2008 at 10:09 AM
 stuccohound - Jul 23, 2010 at 03:50 PM
I am attempting to import the web page data from "" through EXCEL - new web query function but unsuccessful, the 'odds' data cannot be captured. Any idea? Thanks.

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There are four steps to it, which are defined below:
Step 1:
Click on External Data ribbon, go to the "Import" section and click on XML file option.

Step 2:
Use the browse option to go to the location where the XML file is located from which data needs to be imported. Click Open and then OK.

Step 3:
Access will scan through the file and display the structure of the table to be created. The Import Options includes the following options, namely Structure Only / Structure & Data / Append data to existing table. In our process we will choose the option of both structure and data.

Step 4:
If you plan to import the same file agian in the future then you can check the box "Save Import Steps".

Now you can double click on the table that is created and would be able to see the structure and the data in it i.e. imported from the XML file.

Same problem faced me that Excel Web Query not returning data from table constructed from javascript. I am trying to make a query that will pull data off of below URL, however if I select the table no data is returned by reject message ""This Web query returned no data. To modify the query ....". I think it might have something to do with the fact that the table is contained within some javascript tabs.

Really all I need from this page is the days left number in the bottom right.

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I have created a reporting page and program in .cs.
My problem is datareader should read data from stored procedure into an excel object and save it.Then I should send the data as report.
When I debug I can view the values but If I execute the page my excelsheet is blank?

When I run the procedure it gets me 1200 of row of data.
Please help .....................

You can use VietSpider XML from

Download or

VietSpider Web Data Extractor: Software crawls the data from the websites ((Data Scraper)), format to XML standard (Text, CDATA) then store in the relational database. Product supports the various of RDBMs such as Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, H2, HSQL, Apache Derby, Postgres ...VietSpider Crawler supports session (login, query by form input), multi-downloading, JavaScript handling, proxy (and multi-proxy by auto scan the proxies from website)...
I found it...
this page explains everything. It's an Excel feature. Chose Data -->Import External Data-->New Web Query...the site will guide you through completion.

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Actually, the New Web Query function does not work on this web page. It always rejected with fatal error "This Web query returned no data. To modify the query, click OK, click the name of the external data range in the name box on the formula bar, and then click Edit Query on the External Data toolbar". Any further idea to solve it. Thanks in advance!
I can do this with visual basic easily. Email Id removed for security
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Can you please help me? I need to copy info from a web page to excel spreadsheet.
i want display my dataset in excel sheet using windows application in c#.

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I wrote a program that loops through a spreadsheet, goes to the right webpage and extracts the fields that I want saving it in the corrisponding cells. I designed this originally to do a crapload of Zillow searches. I'm not selling my code, but if itis a onetime project and you need me to run it for you. Please email me at I used Visual Basic and it does about 1200 searches per hour.

Can you send me the way to run java webpage into the Excel spreadsheet?


Saw your post on this site. I use an automation software to automatically go to sequentially progressive webpages and then save them. Then they are bulk processed for data.

Can you help me get data (including images) from a database driven website and save the data in an excel sheet?

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i am interested in your program. can you send it to me?
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How to excel file read in web page ! ! !
Hey I need some help and it sounds like you have it worked out really well , I'm trying to import web data "from nolathane" and import it into a excel sheet , I can make a sheet with all the part numbers , but I don't know how to make excel retrieve the web data from the part list ,

The web url just needs a referance to get each part number , ie part 49154 number's info page is
And the evocom1 kits page is
i want to get all the info below the search again button and have it populate a excel sheet one product per page " we use this information to make product listings" ebay zen cart etc

can you help me at all?... or point me in the right direction please ? there are a few other sites we use that this could be helpful with ?

Reguards ,
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Hi this article,may be helpful "how to export a iamge into excel using" in
Use ctrl C and ctrl V. That works for me
I'm looking for this too..let me know if you find it...i'll do the same
They make it difficult to strip data from websites on purpose. Excel cannot pull anything in Java or Ajax ect. I can use Visual Basic to creat a program that can do it by breaking everthing down to text. Please email me at Email Id removed for security and pass the word that I can do this when the excel method fails. Thanks
i want to transfer some data in html page into an excel sheet and to automate it... is there any tool available for this..
anyone help me.....
I have done this before and created a Word Macro. The Macro was stolen along with the lap laptop.

Here is what you do! Go to webpage. Go to View and select Source. Scroll down to the area the text is located. Copy the data along with html. Paste into Word or other word processor. Select segments of html and use cut and replace to convert html to delimited text fields.
yes I have done the same thing what u want but the only thing is u have to login again and again throughthe import function where u want to import the data
i think you can copy all data you want
then on the Excel data Worksheet Right Click -> Paste Special, select Text then OK
it works with me ( Windows XP SP2, Microsoft Office 2007, Mozilla Firefox )