Newly Built comp, unable to setup BIOS

jaycon - Apr 22, 2010 at 11:54 AM
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I just built a computer using parts i bought from Newegg. Everything is compatible and installed correctly. I am using an Asus M4A77TD xtreme design mobo. Upon power up i will only sometimes get anything on-screen. When i do get a display it is either a POST screen with a 10 second countdown or a screen that i would assume is for the mobo because all it is is a green background with "Asus M4A77TD" across it with options to press Delete or Tab to go to Bios Setup or the POST screen. It is impossible to make a selection here because as soon as one of these screens comes up the computer stops recognizing my keyboard.

I got to the Bios Setup once and everything seemed to be O.K. but as i was moving through the menus not making any changes the computer powered down. I have not been able to get back since.

There are occasional beeps. According to the beep code on the Asus site the first beep i here is one short meaning the VGA test was good, the second set of beeps i hear is 2 short which according to the code is a hard drive failure but only when there is a display(i have not heard this beep when i do actually get a display and on the POST screen it shows the Hard drive is recognized), another beep i hear is another one short beep while the display is up which according to the code means the keyboard is not recognized. Along with the one short beep i hear while there is no display the monitor seems to react slightly by moving from "asleep" to on then it quickly displays that it isn't registering anything and goes back into sleep mode. I removed the RAM then powered on to see if there was any difference in the beeps and immediately got a different beep code of 1 long 2 short which on the code means no RAM so the beeps are working right.

I am very close to REMing the mobo back to Newegg but i would like some other opinions before i send it back. Please if you have any advice give it here.

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Apr 22, 2010 at 04:26 PM
have you cleared the cmos with the jumper on the mobo. its possible your cmos has gotten confused when it powered down. resetting the cmos may help.
instructions on how to do this should be with your mobo documentation