Problem clearing cmos

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Hey there,
I have some problems in clearing the cmos. From what I have heard form a friend told me I have to remove the battery from the motherboard and then put it back and after that it should reset to factory settings that's what ive done but nothing happened. Its just that I have a password on the bios that im unable to remember what it is so anyone can help me please?

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Oct 27, 2008 at 10:31 AM
hello there,

the first thing i would do i find a manual for the motherboard to locate where the "CMOS" is.

normall the CMOS has either a blue or black jumper on it.
make sure you read on the motherboard itself near these jumpers as to what the pins are for.
it should say something along the lines of "CMOS". - paha.


remove the jumper and put it back on, the CMOS will have reset.