CMOS checksum error

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I got this message: "CMOS checksum error" right after my PC shows the hard drive info while it's booting up. Won't get past the windows screen...
Where should I start to look what's causing this error message? Any suggestion?

Thanks for helping me!

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I got that problem before. But mine says click F1 to continue and after doing it, my PC boots up normally. I think it has something to do with your bios settings... Did you think to check the bios?

Anyway, this page lists the probable causes:

Most commonly, CMOS battery needs replacing.

Hope that helps.
I have and AMD A64-2 230GHz OEM
Getting a MOS Checksum error.
Before I can set CMOS settings computer shuts down.
Any Idea what my problem is?
I have tried resetting bios to to avail.
I have disconnected cables and fiiring up.
No luck.
Computer purchased was from a kit which I assembled.
I'm using two drives a Maxtor 200GB as a slave and a Western Digtal 20GM as the master.
The Western Digital is an older drive -has this anything to do with my problem?

Thank u