How i can choose some number from the excel

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dear all,
I am working on excel,
situation : I have write different item names in one coloumn say coloumn a, and all the disciption of these items are in the same row and in different coloums, say

Item Price Colour Place

I made a form in which I want when user enter item number it will show Item no. including
item discription in different boxes.

I know how to made form but dont know how to write code:
1. How machine will select the item from excel sheet when user will enter it on the user form?
2. How it will collect information from the excel sheet and display on the another form?

could any body help me please, will be very thank ful.

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Hi Eddy,

Why would you want to use a UserForm for this?

Create an empty sheet, use a cell to input "item no." and use the Vlookup function to collect the corresponding data.

Unfortunatly my VB knowledge isn't big enough to write a code for you.

Best regards,