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Basicly.. Laptop is working as it supposed to work with windows Vista, but the problem is.. I dont like that system. I would like to change it to Windows XP but whenever I try to run setup.. it crashes in the middle with blue screen saying that my hard disk might be damaged or there might be some viruses.
I tried to install windows 2000 and even 98.. but I recive exactly the same error at the same point. My friends told me that there must be some kind of protection on hard disk not letting me do it.

so.. my question is: how can I remove windows Vista and install windows XP?

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this is hillarius! Not much people like vista. At the store where you all purchase your laptops, you all knew it came with vista. Why the hell did you buy that laptop in the first place anyways? Im trying my very best to put XP on a hp dv7 because my customer is stock with it.
You probably didnt notice that Toshiba still offers all the support for XP and some of the model both OS comes with it on dvd. But you guys dont know that, you bought an HP laptop.
Toshiba cares for their customer. Think about that when you are fighting to install those damn sound drivers in xp.
People with modern laptops bought within the past years should stick with Ubuntu and subscribe to the latest modified unauthorized versions of windows xp. Microsoft got enough of my money for the past decade, especially with this Vista pre-installed p.o.s. to clarify my ethics.

It's a pain in the ass trying to follow the slipstream bullcrap.
Forgive me for pointing out the other side of the coin, but you BOUGHT you laptop with VISTA. You paid for VISTA support. You paid for VISTA hardware, you paid for VISTA drivers. I agree you can do what you want with your laptop, or computer. I has two that boot to multiple OS and are not the ones that came with the machine. However, you didn't pay for a XP Laptop, with XP OS, with XP hardware, with XP drivers. Get the picture?
If you want to chanage the OS, it is your problem if you can't figure it out. HP support was good enough to help some. As for Vista, I just turn off the features I don't want, and it is a great OS. As an IT professional I also support Linux, Win98, 2k, XP, Vista and now Win7, along with server os's, 2k Server, 2003, 2003 SBS, WHS and learning 2008. You got what you paid for. I suggest you get a group together, or start working as a group to find a fix for downgrading Vista to XP, and make the HP slipstreamed CD for it. You all seem to have a massive amount of exprience from working on this project, I have faith you could find an answer. BTW, I am typing this on an Acer, :D
hey guys if anyone still is having trouble installing xp heres a link I found about dv7 1130us that has step by step instructions and drivers on how to install xp on the laptop.

I just went through the whole thing and I got a fully functional laptop with everything working fine except the internal speakers. The headphones work great, so I recommend this tutorial to anyone who wants a step by step guide with links to drivers for all the hardware.

ps: if anyone has any idea on how to get the internal speakers to work, please let me know. Thanks!

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If you want boot image CD for XP for hp dv7 1250eg send me e-mail. I send my rapidshare link. All is free.
I appreciate if you can send me link to xp for dv7.
crirom - italy
zizala69 > crirom
Apr 16, 2009 at 09:23 AM
here's link for hp dv7 1250eg. download start medium for usb key and burn image for this link. good luck. if you have any questions send me email
zizala69 > crirom
Apr 16, 2009 at 09:31 AM,48511.0.html

download all link /1-51/ and save the usb key file "start medium" boot medium from acronics next file is image disk for xp

if you have anz questions send me email
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Have anyone solved the missing audio issue on Pavilion dv7-1080oe?

I have managed to get XP on mine and updated almost all drivers except a few by using the XP Dark edition. Drivers I ended up with was a mix of HP Vista drivers and by using Driver Detective (trail version) to get a hint on which drivers were not up to date and then googling. The 7+ unknown devices I found out to be quickbuttons which I found a driver for at

Now my system is reporting "Serial" to be not working, along with 3 Base System Device. The last 3 I guess is not important.

Microsoft UAA Bus Driver For High Definition Audio is looking good, but the red led is still showing and there's not Audio devices detected yet. All the installations for IDT PC Audio is not working so far. So if someone out there has a workable solution, im very happy to hear from you.

Btw. I downgraded to XP because I mostly play on my labtop and get horrible FPS. As a comparison with a clean fully patched Vista installation I ran 10fps in a game, compared that to the XP installation I have now and I run 25fps. Damn that sure sux for Vista :P

Anyhow... Hope to hear from some of you, my fellow dv7 owners.
Jun 17, 2009 at 01:02 PM
Just thought I would let all that are trying to install windows XP and having a hard time in on a little secret. Most of the laptops that you are mentioning are high end 64 bit systems. Most will have at least 4 gigs of ram if not 8. The windows XP 32 bit edition that you are trying to install will not work with more then 3.5 gigs. Drop your machine down to 2 gigs and then install XP 32 bit. Why you would waste your System running something that will n to use the hardware I do not understand. Install XP 64 bit and you will not have the memory limitations.

I would just learn to use Vista 64bit or Play with windows 7 Beta. It rocks on the DV7 family of laptops and out preforms windows XP and Vista.
My friend, I for one, want to dual boot, not get rid of vista. The purpose is not because I can't learn vista, but because vista won't permit many programs that are XP compatible to work.

I bought my DV7-1245 at Bestbuy as the guy told me there was support for windows XP. Well, after reading this forum, guess where the hell this laptops going back!?

Unless, has anyone had 100% success with installing windows XP and audio drivers yet? It's a shame because this laptop has some really decent hardware for it's price and the shell is strong, nice and built with quality.
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Jul 8, 2009 at 11:39 AM
Sorry, I have to run windows XP on my DV7 all the time. I have plotters where I need XP to work. I have had no trouble running XP in a Virtual machine using windows Virtual PC. You can load it on one system and then copy it to another so you do not lose anything on a move to new hardware. You will hear people tell you that the performance is bad. Follow MS instructions and it will work remarkably well.

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May 15, 2009 at 02:53 AM
Hi everybody!
I purchased a DV7 1285dx laptop and it works well with vista. But I want some soft which only runs with xp so I installed winxp pro sp3. I did it successfully on drive D, dual boot with Vista. I've got the drivers for video card and wifi and they works. But I can do nothing for sound. My pc now sounds nothing at all when I boot winxp. Beside, I found in the Device Manager there's still a several devices unknown and I dont know what they are and which drivers are needed. Is there any one could help me solve this problem, especially about sound?
So sorry for my bad english.
Xavier Person
Jul 22, 2009 at 04:36 PM
Would someone who has experiences installing XP on dv7-1232nr or similar makes and models please care to share your experiences and opinions about these instructions:

Downgrading from vista to xp on dv7-1232nr:
Does anybody know where can I find the SATA driver for my HP DV7-1133cl so I can install Windows XP? Also, what XP drivers can I use for this model? Some of the Vista drivers on HP website work, some don't. This model has AMD by the way. Thanks!
I've just downgraded my dv7-1121tx to windows xp x64

Slipstreamed the sata driver into the install cd very easy.

Since there is two harddrives I just swaped them around to install xp, if I need vista back I can just swap them back.

Managed to get sata, wrieless, graphics drivers working fine but have had no luck with sound.

When running the ITD driver installer I get the error "The hardware detected is not supported by this IDT software package. The install will be aborted"

Any ideas?
Ok, just got sound working, needed to uninstall the microsoft UAA driver first. Sound working good.. subwoofer and all. Have managed to get all drivers installed apart from the HP shortcut buttons and the driver for the giro thingie that protects the hdd's
slawek > Mink
Sep 24, 2009 at 01:39 PM
Can you post your drivers?
Okay, I have been mostly successful downgrading my HP dv7-1247cl, thanks in large part to the information from this discussion. In the end what worked for me was a slipstreamed XP CD (even though I was using an SP3 disk, it required the ATI AHCI drivers for my SATA controller). I also ended up having to use an external USB DVD-ROM drive to get past the initial BSoD.

So, I have succeeded, with one small problem: XP does not see my internal optical drive (the Lightscribe, Super-Multi, blah, blah, blah...). I assume this is because it's also a SATA drive, and I need to tell XP it's there somehow (because the ATI SATA drivers actually install as SCSI drivers). But I am at a loss as to how to do that. I can't find any decent information online about doing such things.

I am far from dead in the water: the machine just "screams", and I have been able to install all the drivers, including wired and wireless network, audio and even my webcam. And I do have the external USB CD/DVD burner that works fine. I would just like to be at 100%. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Oct 23, 2009 at 06:31 PM
Dearest Worship Geek,

Your system

is very similar to mine (dv7-1232nr)

The only thing I can find different about yours is that it came with a 400 gig hard drive instead of 320 gig.

Any more details about what you did would be extremely appreciated.
I have dv7 1211tx have been running downgraded xp x64 but just installed windows 7 x64 the other night. Everything works fine, all drivers including raid drivers were already on the windows 7 cd and also update through windows update, just the media shortcut buttons dont work but I never use them anyway.

I think windows 7 is good compromise between vista and xp, so if ur having troubles with xp u should consider installing windows 7.
The VISTA IDT Sounddriver for the DV7 1448DX works fine under Win XP Pro SP3....
Oct 12, 2009 at 09:14 AM
Helo, I have a DV7-1448DX and I cant find sata driver for WINXP, please tell me where did you find it, thanks.