Xp injection make me crazy

baber - Nov 1, 2008 at 06:07 AM
 ninpomania - Nov 11, 2008 at 06:23 AM
i had xp injection in my pc and a inteh ham v.90 modem in it. when i try to connect internet it dial the number and verify the pass but when register the network it disconnect. i had tried several times but same. i then unintsall drivers and again install then first time it connects but again not connecting. i then format the c and again install window but first time ok but then again same problem.
secondly now it doesnt open internet explorer. when i double click its icon. nothing happens. i reinstall window but same problem. and some times its doesnt open any application. snd when open a drive it says a rong handdle. i had format several time and install again and agaiin but no work.
it works b4 fine but now from a month not working.


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hi, it sounds like you are doing a repair install instead of a format,

or at best a install next to your old version

A format will discard ALL informaion including photos and music and stuff this means that any injections into explorer are removed as well, you should not have any issues after a format unless you visit compromised websites as soon as you done with the format,

But if you have done the repair install it is very definatly still going to be injected so try to run the folllowing to clean the system


This army of apps should clear it also download and install AVAST Antivirus and run a full boot time scan when it asks,

These apps like to run in safe mode to work best

Good Luck