#Value Error when sourcing data from...

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....Negative conditional formatted cell In MS Excel.

Hi guys,

I haven't been very busy at work lately and the boss has told me do try and do 'something' productive :P - So I thought I would create my own calendar which would keep track of hours, overtime and the amount I am getting paid pre/post tax :)

Not being a programmer or all that familiar with excel, I have to admit that it looks pretty good, but I am sure there are better, even free programs of the same kind floating out there... Nevertheless this is a good chance for me to learn new stuff, whilst keeping me busy during the dull moments! :D


Anyway, onto the important stuff, as I don't want to bore you :P

Below is a link to an online excel based program called Edit Grid. I have added a mock example of what I am trying to achieve and allowed Read/write access for public use.

If you are able to help me, then please post the solution in here, incase someone else goes in there and then changes it again! I will also outline the formulas used below, incase, again, someone messes with it :P


In brief:

--Cells B3/4,C3/4,D3/4,E3/4 Represent a 4 day week of 8 hour working days.

I do work 5 days, but overtime is not permitted on Fridays and is there for not required for the calculation.

--Cell F3/4 has an conditional equation which adds the hours from week 1 or 2 and then subtracts 32 (8x4) to then calculate the over-time accumulated.

So normally, an empty week would read blank in Cells B3-E4 and as the week progresses I will be adding 8+ hours per day.

Whilst Cells B3-E4 are blank, F3/4 would read -32. I didn't want a negative figure appearing so I have added an IF equation to blank out any figure less than 0.

--Cell H3 represents the total overtime accumulated over the 2 week period.

The problem that I am facing here, is that when the calculation pulls data from the IF equation when it is sub zero, it brings up the error #Value.

When 8 hours or more are added to a day in both Week 1 and 2, then the equation settles and works fine.
(You can check this for your self)

Equations used:

F3: =if(B3+C3+D3+E3-32>0,B3+C3+D3+E3-32,"")
F4: =if(B4+C4+D4+E4-32>0,B4+C4+D4+E4-32,"")
H3: =sum(F3+F4)

I would also like H3 to not show a negative numeric and only show the accumulated over time for the 2 week period.

Thank you all in advance and sorry for perhaps complicating the issue even further lol

Kind regards

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May 14, 2010 at 06:39 AM
This is due to blank cells in between

Try this

this say sum if F3:f4 is not blank, then add them

as this says
this say sum if A3:A4 is not blank, then add f3:f4
Thank you very much, this solved the problem perfectly! :D
Ok never mind... After writing all that lol I figured out a simple fix... I am learning noob after all :P

I just added a 0 between the "" on the IF equation.

Although this doesn't exactly to the letter do what I wanted (As I wanted it completely blank) it does solve the error.