Can't Find Master Game Server [Closed]

 megh -
I have a Counter Strike 1.6 Non-Stream.
i was playing this game for last one year without any problem.
yesterday i changed my internet connection. but now i cant play it online.
i cant find Internet servers. when ever i try to play it online i always get this message,

Unable to Connect Master Game Server.

and the game was running very nicely before I changed my internet connection.

Please help me.


2 replies

I got the same going on !! but im not the smart on editing options and stuff but i guess its ur modem/router because u change internet conection! soo try changing its options and forword somestuff Idk!!!!
download masterserver.vdf 4m net(just google it) ...replace it with the one in game directory..(just search it in directory...u'll find it)..

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