Need serious help with my HP Pavillion DV7

adam - May 23, 2010 at 08:50 PM
 Augustine - Aug 16, 2010 at 12:49 PM

Hey there guys, i've been having some pretty big issues with my DV7. I do a bit of gaming on my laptop, i have a cooler for it, to prevent overheating. However, lately, it has been randomly shutting down without warning while playing games. So i downloaded a program to see the temperature it is running at. Generally it runs at about 80 Celsius which seems a bit high..Anyways, the big problem is; this morning i was playing and all the sudden it shut down. I then went to turn it back on, and it worked for a few seconds and shut down again. I then turned it back on and realized that the power button was flashing, and that was it. It then shut back down, and now when i press the power button, nothing happens. I've tried the process of removing the battery and power supply and holding down the power button - nothing. Please help me with this problem, my laptop is my life. Thanks ahead of time for replies

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Hello There, My HP Pavillion DV7 1020us was presenting the same overheating issue, even with a cooler pad, i was going crazy! my laptop its my life too!, i even depend on it for work. So I doubled check this problem at, and there is a Users Guide where says how to Clean up your laptop by using a Compressed air can duster, IT REALLY HELPED! also you may consider the wheather temperature wich is insanely increasing these days. keep it in a cool area or close to a fan set. Regarding the Power issue, try removing the battery and plug it into the wall then try to turn it on, consider first in replacing the battery if that does not do the trick, consider in taking it to the closest tech support, explain them the problem and they will determine whether it is the processor that got burnt or the motherboard did, perhaps the video card, if it does goes up when you press the power button.

Hope i helped with something..