CLINTON - Nov 6, 2008 at 05:24 PM
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i have a real problem at the moment.........
I recently downloaded Malwarebytes' anti - malware and it cleared my viruses fine but then I cudnt get on the internet.
I can still use Limewire and MSN but cant get any web pages what so ever....
i uninstalled the program hoping that it would work after that but it didnt and now im completely stuck and can sumone please help me...........



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I got exactly the same problem, so I downloaded this winsock. Running this and re-booting my pc solved my problem. I'm not sure about what the problem is all about, a friend suggested and I just tried it. It worked for me, so I hope it work for you too...

Best of Luck
Just to let everyone know. . . .

After running MBAM ( which is by far the best malware removal, in my opinion ) sometimes your Internet Explorer will still to start web pages.. . . .

This is because many of the newer malware ( especially the ROgue Antivirus ones ) will add a proxy setting. Remove the proxy, and you're back up and running.

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Jan 5, 2009 at 09:04 AM
Hello..i have downloaded Malwarebytes'but I need the key..
Try running your Malwarebytes in safe mood at the beginning when windows loads up it should remove all of your Trojans if not Down load AVG Free anti Virus software or Theatfire from PC tools if you have any other Question's please reply to this Post

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I had the same problem. What it was, was a process that would not let my internet connect!! What I did was open up my task manager and close one of my svchost.exe processes. I can't tell you which one exactly cuz I don't really know which one it was as their's multiple svchost.exe processes. All I can tell u is it's a NETWORK SYSTEM svchost.exe and if u choose the wrong one it will just reboot your comp and then just try again. Good Luck!
you should try to check where the problem is comming from..
first check if you have an active internet connection..
if so are you behind a router of sorts?
then if you are all connected try to go to run in your start menu and type: cmd
(if you cant find run (for vista) do this: right click Start -> Properties -> Start Menu -> Customize. scroll down and there should be the run.. check it and click ok then it should be there)
there type:ipconfig /all
if you see ip adresses etc
then do this: ping
if you get a reply report back here
if you need help report back and show us what reply's you got
Hi I read your article I down loaded Malwarebytes I did one scan in safe mood it detected 28 Trojans it only said it took 26 out and that the other Trojans would be deleted at start up like 5 or 6 of them they couldn't take these specific one's which was bull and when I tried the scan over right after my window's started up my whole computer crashed and I had one heck of a time getting it back up and running I had to wipe my whole hard drive clean so what I can tell you is listen to these people in the forms because they know what their saying all the way Please unload Fire Fox 3 too many Bugs popping up there down load the New Fire Fox Beta 2 Hope it all works out for you.
Have you uninstalled an anti-virus or firewall recently? I have fixed many computers by running removal tools for many anti-viruses and firewall programs. Norton Removal Tool for example also mcafee on another occasion. Some of these anti-virus and anti-hijack softwares install "drivers" which is not a hardware to install driver for, but it affects your connections. Search for removal tools for any software you have recently uninstalled.
Hi Clinton

If you have a firewall check the settings. The anti-malware must have altered/deleted some files (infected ones) which has affected your settings. You need to try "system restore" to an earlier point to see if this is the cause.
Jan 2, 2009 at 02:43 PM
I have the same problem as Clinton, after I ran the virus scan, cleaned the files, then restarted my computer, I know only get limited/no connectivity with my Internet! Anyone have a fix for this?
I have Windows Vista and was recently infected by a Trojan. It infected 2 of my files, and 7 register keys. With Malwarebytes I quarantined and deleted all 9 infected things...But since then I feel like my computer's been running slower than it did before the trojan. I still have internet connection but the pages take longer to load, and my MSN messenger loses connection every now and then, when before it wouldn't.

Any suggestions?
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Aug 19, 2009 at 12:29 AM
I hope you uninstall it now and ask for a full refund.

The website seems like a ORG website, but actually it is not.

It is a riskware that will crash your computer.
No way is mbam riskware!!
No, it is not riskware. It will remove most if not all of the malware running around on the internet, and will even block requests from ip's that are linked to malware and malicious software. Google it, take a look at the reviews. Its a good piece of software. Oh, and it catches things that comodo wont. I know.

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For all who are ignorant enough to believe that Malwarebytes is legit is fooling yourself. Malwarebytes is in and of itself malware. It "lies" and says you have a whole bunch of virus's/Trojans (which you don't). And you need to buy the software right now!!. This is what I would term scareware. It pretends to find virus's, they get your money, and then they magically go away.

Do not listen to a lot of these people, they are just alias's trying to prey on the naive.

Your best bet is a system restore, and leave the spyware/malware/virus cleaning detecting to the people like norton, mcafee, kaspersky, antivirusguard
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Mar 29, 2010 at 10:42 AM
With all due respect, you are totally wrong and misinformed!