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 razzell2 - Sep 23, 2009 at 07:25 AM
Im facing the problem of the "Warning! Windows has detected spyware..." problem. I tried downloading a bunch of different programs but it WONT let me install anything or run programs. i have to run progams through the "Run" application which is a hassle, and it sucks. CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME SOLVE THIS PROBLEM??!!

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I tried several different ways to fix this problem, none of the anti-virus programs would work, as the Security System infection would not allow any executable files to run.

Here is how I fixed the problem. I did a search on my Drive C to include "hidden files" ( *.exe) I located the file, and renamed it. I re-booted, and then ran a anti-virus program to clean it up. Hope this works for you.
You said you searched out the virus and renamed it, rebooted, etc.

But, what did you search for?
Meaning, what name did you run your search for?

Did you search specifically for "Security Systems"? Or did you search for another .exe filename?

I am very curious, because when we first saw this thing pop up on one of the computers in the house, of course we clicked on "no", and that activated it..(as clicking on anything in that popup window will do, whether its the yes, or the no, or even the x to close the box out)

So I went to another computer and did some research on it, and I couldnt find anywhere or any posts that knew what exe filename to search for other than security systems, and, (before that infected computer was finally destroyed by the security systems infection), we could not find the thing anywhere in any file on that XP computer.

Now, I know enough that whenever that security systems warning box pops up, (and it pops up on all of my computers, eventually, from any location on the web it would appear), that the only way to stop it is to quickly hit ALT + F4. This is the command that closes all open windows on your computer, and that it the only way to make the thing go away....until the next time it comes up again...without getting infected.

But, again, if I am ever infected again, on my Vista computer, what do I search for to follow your instructions of renameing and rebooting?

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