Downgrading VISTA TO XP

nasiem - Nov 6, 2008 at 06:20 PM
 Sheshnir - May 17, 2009 at 11:01 AM
I bought a new Sony Lapto with VISTA Home edition on. I wanted to downgrade it ot XP Pro or 2003. So that I formatted the hard disk completely I removed windows VISTA. But now Each time I try to install XP or Win 2003 I get the message "no Hard desk found". The model of My Laptop is SONY VGN-NR21S the bios on my laptop is Phoenix trustedCore. I tried to change the bios settings but the choice on this bois setup are very limited.
Could you please help me on how to insatll XP on my laptop.

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that bios doesnt support changing hard disk mode, as the topic starter says it's a limited bios.
I think the only way to install xp on your laptop is to slipstream a windows xp cd (make an image of your xp disc on your computer, install a slipstream program, include the drivers from the intel site, and burn them).
My brother has this laptop too, and yeah it really really sucks to install xp
you should try changing the mode of your hard drive in your bios...
the problem is with these laptops that there all SATA Disk's
and for XP to install on the drive you need special driver
so you should make it act like a IDE drive
you should change the sata part should be something with raid