To disable auto login network share folders

 mmaexier -

Every time when I access the folder from a network, the computer using IP address
gets open easily.

But I want to use user name and password when I access to network share folders. Other computers on the network are working normally.

My computer's system is Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Please help me!


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Click Start > Run (or press Windows key + R) then type
rundll32.exe keymgr.dll, KRShowKeyMgr

Hope, it will work!

thanks man
Is this command for win7?
hey ur very genus thats great very helpfull
Nice, thanks.
we have same problem but no success
can u provide any support we are using Domain environment. not showing any details of my account but system using my credential as per trace by server
I believe what the question / comment is that everytime when he accesses, it automatically opens. The first time, there was a prompt for the username and password. Now it never does that. How can he have it automatially ask for a username and password everytime. Not just the first.
probably this will help:

Click Start and open Run
In that window type: control userpasswords2
Press OK
in the next window go to the secon tab on top, named: Advanced
and from there open: Manage Passwords
There you should see if there is a password stored for the address that you have mentioned
If yes then delete it and close the windows with OK
try to connect again to that address, it should prompt for authentication. Do not check the Remember option...

Hope it helps..
I did what you suggested with the "control userpasswords2" and it did remove the auto log in. Unfortunately now every time I go to \\Server I can see the folders without logging in, but I can't access the shared folders anymore. I've tried everything and can't get access back...
Never Mind... I just needed to run the application again and manually add a server, user and password for that computer.
Is there anyway to have the windows prompt for user and password everytime?

I can't access same ip with different login unless I have to go through your step and remove the auto login.

Thanks in advance for your help. :D
Thank for your suggestion.
i want to creat a password on shared drive in win xp sp2 for lan users cannot access without a password
to do it . you click start / controll panel /administrative Tools / local Security policy and after expand local policy / security options --- find policy name and disable it : accounts:limit local account use blanks passwork (default is : enable )

after run command : gpupdate /force in run box.

sorry about my english !
1- Right click on the shared folder and select properties.
2-From sharing tab select permissions.
3-Remove everyone
4-Add your user name and select permission type "read only" or "full control".
Now only your user name have permissions to access this folder.
Vista has a permissions tab/button, but XP does not. I want to do essentially the reverse here, please someone help!
> drizzt396
XP has the same sharing/permissions options as vista but they are disabled by default.

Open up and folder and browse to Tools\Folder Options and click the View tab, scroll down until
you find Use Simple File Sharing -> its at the bottom, and remove the tick. Hit apply and right click
a folder. Your options should now be visable.

Hope thats what you were after

> Spike
Hey Spike, thanks for the tip. It was definitely what I was looking for, you are the man.
but not show sharing in properties
you SHOULD ifyou need help
HI, if im going to share the folders on my pc an error occurs like this: An error occurred while trying to share this documents. The server service is not started

The shared source was not created at this time.
I'm asking the same question as (9) Khem.
I have a shortcut to the financial statements folder on my desktop (WinXp sp3)
When I access it the first time after logining in, it will ask for userid/password.
But "it" (either XP or the server (Fedora 9)) remembers my creds for the rest of the day.
How to I force it to alway forget my creds as soon as I close the window?
To disable storage of network passwords.

In Windows XP go to "Control Panel > Administrative Tools" Double click "Local Security Policy" mmc snap-in Shortcut.

Now in "Local Security Policy" management console open "Local Policies > Security Options" on your left.

You will see a Policy list to your right. Browse to the Policy "Network access: Do not allow storage of credentials or .NET Passports for network authentication". Double click it, select Enabled, click Apply and then OK.

Reboot your computer.
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> Azfar
Passwords will be rembered until you logoff or reboot.
Hi Azfar

Thanks for this solution. I have been struggling for two months with this problem. Much appriciated.

> Azfar
It is really working
if you do not want to log off every time (pretty annoying in the long run), just type from the dos prompt NET USE, then locate the share you want to remove and type NET USE "that_share" /DELETE.

I've read through everyone suggestions and got to the point where I can access shared files on Win XP from my Win 7 computer; however one question is still unanswered:

How do I get Win7 to prompt for a user name and password, rather then store them in the system using "control userpasswords2" command?

My setup:
File server (Win XP Pro) with two sheared folders:
UPLOAD - with read write permissions set for everyone
DATA - with read only permissions set for a user (eg TEST)

Client computers is a mix of Vista Business, XP Pro, Windows 7 Pro (it's my home network). All PCs use different user to login and none are using user TEST. XP and Vista computers work fine, they both prompt for a lo-gin, but I'm still struggling with Win7.

Here is what I've tried so far:
Tried switching between "Allow Windows to manage homegroups connections" and "Use user accounts and password to connect to other computers" under "Change advanced sharing settings" in the "Network and Sharing Center". Currently set to "Allow Windows to manage homegroups connections"

Used "control userpasswords2" there was no passwords stored in there; however when I've added TEST user credentials, then I've managed to access the file server; however my aim is to get log-in prompt working.

"Network access: Do not allow storage of credentials or .NET Passports for network authentication" is enabled on the Win7 PC

Any help will be much appreciated.
Hi Alex, could you please let me know how you got Win 7 machine to access Windows XP shared folders, I am really getting hard time having this work. and To my surprise I didn't get any forum posts that showed exactly what I have to do to have my windows 7 machine access windows xp shared folders.

Many thanks,

I am using vista.

I used to logon to local college LAN with student id and password provided and access all the folders with read permissions for students and also the dorm printer.

Recently, our Local LAN andminstrator created a folder "A" and gave me a user id and password that has permissions to write on this folder.

I used map network drive with the new id and password and was able to write on "A".

Problem: Now I tried reading the folders with access to students, and I can't as it is using the new id, password given for "A".

I tried "control userpasswords2" and manage passwords and removed the password for this network.

Now it is prompting for an user id/password but not logging me in, even with the old ID password.

Thanks for the fix ....

Nandha Kumar J
put a password on guest

open cmd
net user guest <password>

then try
it works for me
Hi, I can not connect to the other computer by use ip address why? do u have solution for me ? thank you!
I want only my screen name Email Id removed for security I dont no what they are but I want them deleted. How do I do that? please answer me by email. Thanks
I want all screen names deleted except this one I don't remember those other names nor passwords. Pleasa email me and tell me what do.Thanks
disable auto login network
if u have Windows xp so u have to put password in Ur another PC who u want
access . then u have to go folder options => View => go to end untick tha
use simple file sharing {Recommended}
if u have Windows xp so u have to put password in Ur another PC who u want
access . then u have to go folder options => View => go to end untick tha
use simple file sharing {Recommended}

Note: To do opposite to un shared simply .