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Hello everyone,

I recently bought a new desktop pc (Acer Aspire X1301) and the default Operating System was Linpus Linux 9.5. I've never used Linux and am quite comfortable with WiindowsXP, I have a Windows XP Professional Installation disk so I want to replace Linux with that.

Ran into a few problems getting it to run, put solved those in the end. I had XP up and running and then ran into a few other problems...

I received a disk with all the drivers on it with the PC, so I put that in and started installing all the drivers for various hardware. It worked fine for a few devices but some drivers wern't installed, Windows XP couldn't find them on the disk or the internet.

After this I decided to try and download these Drivers manually, so I went on the Acer site and downloaded a Driver Detector thats supposed to detect what drivers your missing.
After installing this I get an error saying it will not run because the configuration is not right, its compatible with XP and I installed it correctly.

The drivers that I'm having trouble with are as follows:

PCI Express (I think thats what it is)
USB Interface (There are two of these)

I'm pretty sure one of them is my sound card, but i can't be sure.
I'm trying the whole thing again as I write this, so I will be able to get more information after Windows XP has installed. If you need more information to give me an awnser then I'll try to provide.

I'm not very good with computers and this is all new to me, any advice would be appreciated.



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Hi Mat, I have the drivers as I bought the same machine with Windows. Write me at
sorry should be !!