My new computer does NOT recognize my printer

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I just bought a new computer with Wndows Vista. I have a HP Laserjet 1200 seires printer that my computer cannot seem to recognize. The printer was given to me....worked well with my very old compueter (?) I don't have a disc to intall it to my new computer. I'm not very computer savyy and don't know what to do. Any suggestions out there?

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i have that problem and went to the printer web site and downloaded it from there
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I have a acer lap top that dont recognize my dell printer
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I have a LaserJet 1200 that works just fine with Vista. Go to this site and download the PCL5 driver. Then install it and plug in the printer.
go to windows update fist conct printer with pc and start update its automatic downoad ur printer in windows 7. but in win vista . go to this and download printer driver
You will most likely need the disc to install software, Most HP company update their firmware and drivers with the IP Address given.