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I have a large collection of MP3's.

When I open the track lists, the columns and headers for Artist, Name, Title, Duration, Bitrate, etc are there (as ticked/configured in View> Choose Details) but under 'Bitrate' and 'Duration' the columns are blank.

That is , the columns exist but the actual information (column content) that should be displayed in them (ie: numbers, data, whatever you call it) does not show.

All this information still shows in balloon pop-ups, all tags, in the scroll when the tracks are played in Media player etc. so the actual data is still there and associated with the tracks.

It was all there a couple of weeks ago.
Unfortunately, I do not have restore points back far enough so that option isn't available.

How do I get the column contents to display again?
What would cause it to disappear?

Much appreciated.


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well if its windows media player that you are currently using then i would advice you to just try to update your music list and it should retrieve back the information and you should get working perfectly.
Thanks very much for your reply.

Iit doesn't seem to matter which media player is involved.
It is not the information in the various players' playlists I'm after.
It is the contents of the Windows Explorer> Folder View> Column Details columns that is missing.
Yet WMP, JetAudio, QTime and Classic all show the requisite information in their tags and scrolls.

Therefore, I'm not sure what "update your music lists" means--or will accomplish--since the information is already there somewhere.
It just isn't listing as content in the Folder>View>Details columns despite the columns and headers being right and truly there .
Other Folder> View. Details columns like 'Date', 'Type', 'Artist' etc do contain the appropriate info from exactly the same sources, pertaining to the same files and acquired at the same time.

Also, just exactly how 'up-to'date' is enough?
Tracks ripped literally just seconds ago do not show the Bitrate or Duration column contents. yet they do show the other info---and all the info is present in the respective tags as well.

Any other isdeas?? Please?

Much appreciated