Hidden File & Drive Opens in New Window

Shameer - Nov 19, 2008 at 12:30 AM
 Jaskaran - Jul 7, 2009 at 02:00 AM

I have a problem in my PC, as I try to see my hidden files, through folder option setting it dose not works.

I try the below said also

Click Start => Run type in Regedit press OK.

* HKey_Local_Machine
* Software
* Microsoft
* Windows
* CurrentVersion
* Explorer
* Advanced
* Folder
* Hidden

Now right click on CheckedValue and click Delete.
Right click and hover over New then select Dword Value call it CheckedValue.
Right click on CheckedValue and choose Modify, under 'Value Data' type in 1.

Still the CheckedValue wont change it remain as 0,

One more problem I faced is every time I double click on c:, d: or e: drive it will open in new window

Please provide me a solution for both of it.

I have also used Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and SUPERAntiSpyware- but it dosenot solve my problem

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Bro just install General_fast_virus_removal and u will thank me loll
where can i get General_fast_virus_removal ?????
ACDsee (Imaging software) can show hidden files and files that even windows doesnt show sometimes.

Browse to your C: drive (all drives) and press CTRL + H
It will then show you all the hidden files.

Just delete the autorun.ini and it will fix the problem...

This problem often happens due to flash drives /disks.

this is the file "tyktjfww.exe" that autorun runs.

If you have any other ways of finding and deleting the autorun.ini from the root of the drive... then you dont need ACDsee.

Pliease help me.
I have the exact same problem, and none of these help!!!

Obviously, this problem is getting larger, now we need some help, If no one knows a solution, help us find it!!!
Don't run away from this!!! Until someone finds a definite solution to this problem, we need a hand.
Okay guys, I have successfully destroyed the problem for good this time!!!

And how might you ask? *Product placement time*

Using Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware program!!!
♪ badadaaa daa daa da dadaaa ♪

I had used it before, but I had forgotten to update it.

So I then:

►Updated the program
►Scanned all of my drives(except E:\ ) with a full scan
►and Restarted the system(because it told me to)

Afterwards, it worked! The opening in a new window without my consent and the hidden files not giving the option of "un-hiding", is all gone!!!

You saved the day again, Malwarebyte!!!

Thank you, and Adios!!!!
Jaskaran > JPEGman
Jul 7, 2009 at 02:00 AM
Hey bro...

Your Idea worked really well!!

I Downloaded Malwarebytes and updated it with the new definations

Scanned all my drives with it. It scanned about 23 infected files. One of them was the backdoor Trojan AhnRpta.exe file

Restarted my comp as the program advised me to.

OO LA LA everything worked fine.

I now can open the drive in same window on double click along with that I can open the hidden files as well.

Thanks man big help it was!!!